Origin and Development of the Keeler Dunes

March 7, 2013: Workshop on the Origin and Development of the Keeler Dunes at Governing Board Meeting in Bridgeport, CA

Great Basin Public Hearing Presentation - December 13, 2012

Final Staff Report On the Origin and Development of the Keeler Dunes - Novemember 16, 2012

Final Staff Report Attachments

Attachment A - Historical documents research:
Attachment B - Ground‐based photo analysis:
Attachment C - Aerial photograph and satellite imagery analysis (1944 to 2010):
Attachment D - Geomorphic mapping of the Keeler Dunes and surrounding areas:
Attachment E - Chronology and stratigraphy of the Keeler Dunes area:
Attachment F- Analysis of surface change in the northeast portion of Owens Lake:
Attachment G - Dune transect and movement analysis:
Appendix 1: Comments on Preliminary Staff Report
Appendix 2: Response to Preliminary Staff Report Comments

To obtain all above contents on DVD, send e-mail to web with 'Keeler Dunes Final Staff Report' in subject line.

December 13, 2012
Public Hearing Comments

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