Owens Lake Yesterday

Owens Lake Yesterday updates at 6:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

DISCLAIMER: The data presented here are not validated and are displayed for informational purposes only. Estimated daily sand flux totals may vary considerably from finalized site-specific sand flux data. PM10 data is approximated and may differ from the true recorded PM10 value

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(Archive naming convention: YYMMDD.jpg=daily map,YYMMDDS.DBF=daily sensit data, YYMMDDM.DBF=daily air monitoring data).

Sensit Data:

Currently data from ~200 Sensit/Cox Sand Catcher at Owens Lake are displayed.
The graduated color scheme represents total 24 hour estimated sand flux for each site source area designation (updated Owens Lake DustID network maps can be found here ).
Estimated sand flux (available in table format (.csv)) is calculated by summing hourly particle count and multiplying by the master sensit to sand catch ratio.
Invalid or missing data flag = -9999.

Air Monitoring Data:

Currently data from 8 ambient air monitoring stations and 4 additional meteorological stations are available below.
Displayed map data are station hourly maximum TEOM PM-10 value for the 24 hour period with hourly wind speed and direction during that hour.
Below station hourly maximum TEOM PM-10 value is the 24 hourly average TEOM PM-10 value.
Ambient air monitoring data for all sites with additional hourly variables such as gust wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and precipitation are available in table format (.csv).
Invalid or missing data flag = -9999.

Daily Surface Disturbance Reports:

During the Phase 7 Dust Control Construction Period at Owens Lake, the Daily Surface Disturbance Report Database will be posted here. Final post (May 11, 2010) includes March activity.

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